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Dj Jamz Vs.Riskay-Smell Your Dick Remix

devious Davis

New member
simple background beat. which i always love. its on point. i dont think i have heard this song in quite awhile. but overall is sounds quality. maybe lower the clap vol a bit. depends on what you like. 9/10 for me

DJ Kableguy

Blood Sweat N' Tears
Sick bro! Dude u missin a lot in Beijing these days...fuckk! Hahaha! Its getting crazy! Started working for Klubb Rouge and its madd money! Then comes the concert in star live on the 3rd of oct! Shieet!

da blur

LOL is this new? how come i never heard the original before...
thanks for the share

pretty funny song, had me smiling.
nice simple extend.. quality though.
beat kinda reminds me of Hypnotized by AKon/Plies

Dj Jamz

China's Finest!!!
thx guys and kableguy yea heard bout that club an saw a few pics of it..it looks crazy man specially with wat they made with the dance floor Krazy shit bro..anyways good luck with it