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DJ Nelson Feat. Pitbull - Brincando Sin Parar (509 Party Remix)(125BPM)

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ


New member
Rebel...its cool but i cant play if your name is all over the track...thanks..

Dj crime
happy new years man!

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
thanks for the feedback...illness & crime; hit me up on myspace and i'll hook you up with the HQ non-drop version :)


New member
This is a cool remix i like it alot. I can't play it with your name all over as well. Sorry but i will keep it and play it at home.

Thank you


Well-known member
I was gonna download it, but since everyone has complained about the drops, not even gonna bother...

thanks tho..