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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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Mix cd's

I kno this post is from 4 years ago but figured id say my piece. I put out CD's approx every 3 months, 4 total... Usually there will be a mix right around xmas when all the new albums drop for the holliday and the rest will be throughout the summer when theres more new material. I'd be interested in bein added to the drop list and def willing to add any local talent to my cd's if they fit so keep in touch!!!


Dj Facedown

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Add me bra i put out at least 2 mixtapes a month now! An im port charlotte fl!!!!!!!!!!
Check me out @www.myspace.com/dj_face941
thanks a please add me to the drop list also, im always lookin for new artists to HELP out!!!
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I imagine most of these people are sellin the CD's,MP3s would be straight if people are just gonna play them on there computer, but for some extra cash.I think the CDs still is where its at