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Eminem - Jost Lose It [Michael Jackson *Remedy* Remix] RIDICULOUS!


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Yo so here we go. I made this after the America's Best Dance crew episode on MTV with Michael Jackson, haha...I did Soulja Boy vs Beat It (fire) and Billy Jean vs The Way I Are (alright) remixes too. This one was definitely my favorite of the three.

It's got the whole Michael vs Eminem thing going on throughout, I threw in some Michael screams in different parts and then threw Eminem dissin him back. Chopped it up.

Check it out, lemme know what you think

PS -It gets better after a couple listens...if you hate it at first, it'll grow on you


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I downloaded your track from Workstations a while back and was wondering how you got your song promoted from there.l


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Yeah me and Leo from Workstations have been talkin for a while. I did a lil flip What it Do remix and a joc Its Goin Down remix on there too.

I've talked to him for a while, if you want a track to be put on there then send me a message or something and maybe I can help you out.