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Fantasia! Fantasia! Fantasia! Why??


I'm sure everyone has probably heard of the situation surrounding R&B Former American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino. (Recent Alledged Suicide Attempt/Drug Overdose). It's a sad situation for her and all of those involved. My Question is: Do you think her Carreer will suffer as a result of the attempt at suicide? Do you think she was missled by the the DUDE she was messing with and what is your overall opinion of the situation? I hope she finds her way back to sanity but hopefully have learned a valuble lesson. "TRUST BUT VERIFY!" Good Luck Fantasia and I hope you get back to doing what you was blessed to do "SING!":cool:


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I hope she is okay, but that's what will happen when u mess with married men. Some people think that he set her up so him and his wife can sue her and get some money. Sad that she tried to kill herself over him, hopefully she recovers and gets back on her feet. I wouldn't say her career is over though, she may have lost fans and endorsements, but I'll give it a year or two, she'll be back!