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FL studio mixing - Bass distorts

Dylan Dude

New member
On all my beats i used to use the compressor on the master mixer to stop everything from going over 0 db. This works great with the bass but during heavy bass hits, the volume of all other sounds gets lowered.

If i use the soft clipper it sounds much better but then the bass clips (distorts). I really have no idea how to stop this from happening. I could turn the bass down but i don't want to. If i look at the waves of other songs after i put them in FL studio, I can see they have hard hitting kicks that almost reach 0 db. And then they overlap a heavy bassline on top of that and it doesn't clip or distort at all.

What do you guys do to fix this problem?

Here's a recent beat i made, you can see the waves clip during the kicks, i used the soft clipper.

It won't let me post a link so you have to put a period where it says (dot)


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use the multiband compressor over the whole mix... preset +2.4 db master

use the compressor preset on the drum channel.......

soft clip the whole mix....

put the bass on its own channel and no compressor, use a parametric eq to do a slight cut at the frequency that ur kick hits at


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you should get WAVES BUnle.....Maxx Bass will fix all the bass problem without lowering down your bass lines..and it will make the bass line be heard in all types of speakers...a help of L1 ultra maximizer to act as your compressor.
this compressor is not like the compressor in FL studio, it will not harm the sound waves that results to a nasty distort sound.
also try to pan the snare hits and hats a little left and right to give some room... others wise it will always compete for room in wich the strogest wave will take over.
specially bass...