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DJ Slayed Syzmor
So this summer Im planning on doing some small outdoor events.

Im going to buy a gas generator, but I dont know anything about them.

I need to power 2 tables, mixer, laptop, my amp for 2 jbl 15s, 18 woofer, projector, various lights/lasers

Anyone have any info on what I should be looking for?


New member
Add all the wattage from everything you need to run...then pick a generator that exceeds that wattage by as much as you can afford.

dj s-one

yeah thats the way to go..adn remember when you get your generator and run it..when you hook everything up...plug everything in before you turn the generator on because if you dont it will tripp the circut breaker and shut down.....be careful with lights and generators because when lights blink and do what they do, they cause power surges and can trip the circut breaker on the generator..i rarely use lights with my generator....I have a honda 5000 watt gas powered one..its like 6 years old now but it works flawless...ive run my 2 turntables, 2 mixers, 1 qsc rmx 450 and a crown xls 402 and a mackie powered sub and my laptop and ext hard drive wit no problems.....jus remember to get the biggest guage extention cord you can find and it should be at least 100 ft long so you can have the loud ass generator far away from you...lol