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Going For Adds ! New Southern Drama - They Hate Me Man CDS

601 live

"on the road on the go"
luv dat track

good good lows, track made me think of the strip club, might have to screw and chop this.... peace out

DJ Smuv

Track Masta
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DJ Smuv

Track Masta
shit lemme break out the checkbook , $5 for an honest review .
200 downloads and 2 comments , sheesh , this place has become leach heaven


ummmm cool track might be more mixtape tho.... but its cool track i want spin it tho not for my crown ya dig.


YO that is definately a banger.... is there anyway i can put that on my new mixtape comin out in a few weeks .... and could i get a drop to go with it i know that it would be blazin up the streets here!!