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HELP!! Djing at retirement community


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I just got a gig playing at a retirement home for old ppls and I need some pointers. This is my first time doing something like this so I have very little ideas as to what to do. The good thing is that its only a 1hr gig so i dont need much to cover. But my problem is what do old peeps like at a party? These are mostly 70, 80, & 90 yr. olds! The lady that hired me doesnt want me to just play music but also sort of entertain the crowd. Has anybody done anything like this before? If so, pls help with some pointers! Or anybody that can give me some ideas I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!

btw, my first gig is tommorow, and they want a Mardi gras theme party.

da blur

play G-Unit.

nah jp.
obviously play old old old 50, 60, maybe early 70s shit if you play any music..
dont turn it up too loud too lolll
actually you might have to turn it up extra loud cause theyre prolly half deaf

but how the hell else you sposed to "entertain" them.. play bingo?
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WOW!!! You might have ur hands full!! cause with older people sometimes its hard to read them...but at least u know ur crowd wants to hear music or they wouldn't be there!!! I would agree with da blur...play some 60's 70's 80's music. Try and communicate with them on the mic, and have them try and dance. You can even try to playing the Electric Slide or the Double Dutch Bus. Enteract with them, and make them feel its ok to have a good time.


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doesn't anybody in here think "wow, you deserve some credit for even thinking about TRYING a gig of this kind"? i wish you the best of luck. and it sounds like you're gonna host several parties... just talk to the ppl and try some stuff at the first gig, then use that knowledge for the following.

btw, with ppl of that age, i bet you can't go wrong with 'ol blue eyes' sinatra.


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Definitely play some Motown. That was the "crunk music" of their time.

If they're too old, they probably won't dance no matter what. But just keep watching to see if they're tapping their toes! That's how you can tell if you're banging the party out. lmao.