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Help with VDJ and an RMX controller


New member
ive been using virtual dj for some time and i got an rmx last year. everything has been going fine until i started having problems with most likely vdj and not the hardware. there are times when i slam mix at the bar, and when i hit play, the song wont play
it kills the vibe especially when i take so much pride in my ability to slam mix the right songs at the right time. i dont think its the hardware, i think its the software.
i did a cleanup on my macbook, and am suprised to see this happen because macbooks are supposed to be much more efficient than pcs. this happened rough for me last saturday. i have another gig this saturday. is there anything you recommend me doing before saturday to help fix this problem? it is very upsetting because i hate leaving the crowd hanging for something that honestly isnt in my control.


New member
try your set up before saturday, i mean your computer set up. also try to unistall and re install your vdj and see if has any updates for the software. that might help.