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Hey Baby (509 Party Remix) (DJ Rebel is backkkkkkkk)

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
what up peeps!

long time no post long time no remix...this will be my first remix in like 4 or 5 months. i've been going through some adjustments but slowly ima get back intot the game...

this remix is top notch but its a start ha :D

Pitbull Feat. T-Pain
Hey Baby (509 Party Remix)

Check out the preview right here:

Leave a comment n ask for the HQ extended version! (yes, im still very much so anti-leecher ;) )

Anybody who wants to do a collabo, hit me up!

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
ha i thought myspace was still "in"? damn, i've been out of the game for way too long lmao....lets do a collabo!

da blur

yeah aint no body use myspace anymore no a few people do, but its all about facebook now but uh, wheres the mix on there anyway? i dont see it


New member
Great Stuff

I can't find it on your myspace but you are a legend in my eyes. Unfortunately i'm broke or i would buy all 120+ of your songs XD. If you could send me even a low quality mp3 i would be extremely grateful! Keep up the amazing work.