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how to do extended mixes?


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I use Acid Pro and what I do is use a kick, snare, hi hat and loop that for 8 bars, then try and find a loop in the track that I'm trying to extend and then loop that for another 8 bars, while adding acapella, scratch samples to that 2nd lot of 8 and then start the song and leave the kick, snare and hi hat to loop through out the whole song...the way I explained it probably made no sense to you. Sorry...


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the most basic of basic ways is to obtain the instrumental version. use a program that has multi-layers.

put instrumental on first layer, original track on second layer.

find and cut an 8 bar loop from the instrumental and line it up to begin at 0:00.

when the 8 bar loop ends, find the starting point of the original track, and start it at the end of the 8 bar instrumental loop. do the same for the outro.


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ableton live makes it very easy. get the promos of songs (instrumental, acapella etc) and subscribe to a good record pool. once warped in ableton its very easy to cut the track up and as said above, add 8 bars of the beat to the start (or sample the drums and redo the drum pattern if you're clever). sometimes it helps to do 16 bars if its over 128bpm. bring the original track in after 8/16 bars, then add 8 to the end. ableton has built in effects like delay and eq that can be useful for making smooth transitions


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I did a tutorial on this a while back

Go to the ableton live tutorials page on my BLOG, link in signature below..

And look for this video tutorial:
Ableton Tutorial: Creating a Funky/Extended Mix

I hope that helps!


Like they said, it's easier to get instrumentals, chop it up, and paste it appropriately into the beginning of the song. I use ableton :)

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You can do it using Traktor...any version of Traktor. Don't necessarily need an instrumental of the song, you can just loop the intro and record it as long as you want the extended into to be and then let it go. And the same for the outro if necessary or if so desired. So simple :D