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I'm Pissed At Bose!

DJ Tygre

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As the subject header sez, I am not impressed with the company known as Bose:

Barely two years ago my wife bought me a set of Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones as a b-day gift. These things are damned expensive (she paid $399 CDN for them), I have always taken very good care of them, and they've never left my house - and I live in a smoke-free enviroment, to boot. Also, because I tend to be a lot busier than I'd like, I really only get to use them 2 - 3 times per month.

Last night the sound on them began shorting out on me, and I noticed the battery light was blinking. I put in a fresh AAA battery (and I know it was fresh because I tested it in my MP3 player), but the battery light never came back on - it "died" on me that night.

I sent an email to the Bose Corporation, and they responded this morning, telling me that the headphones were "off warranty", and that they no longer make this model, and that "the headphones are not factory or user-serviceable". They did offer to replace them with either the QuietComfort 15 or QuietComfort 3 - providing I return the original headphones + $190 CDN.

Angry, I called the 800-number this morning and got to talk to a live customer service rep. The guy tried to be as helpful as much as his job would allow him to be, and he offered the same deal - only for $95 instead of $190. He explained to me that $95 would be roughly what a repair service would cost, only that instead of getting a repaired product I'd be getting a brand-new pair of what they considered to be a model "superior" to the one I have now.

Think that's a good deal? Maybe, but the way I see it, these headphones were barely 2 years old, well-taken care of, and used infrequently - they should not have broken down. Obviously I got stuck with a lemon and told them so. I had no guarantee that the same damn thing wasn't going to happen with the next pair some 15 months from now. They've already cost us almost $400 - why should we have to pay an extra $100 because one of their products slipped past quality control? I've got a fairly cheap pair of Sony headphones that I've had for over 10 years. While the padding on the earpieces is cracked, the sound coming from them is still good. I expected that Bose's products would perform better...

Y'know, both my wife and I were seriously considering purchasing a Wave system from Bose, but now I doubt very much we'll do that. We won't buy from a company that refuses to make amends for their slips, and we told them so. Bottom line is, their offer may have been reasonable, but they could've, should've done more.

Anyways, that's my rant, I just needed to blow off steam, and issue a warning to all my brethren here who might be considering buying any of Bose's products. If you already have something of theirs and it hasn't given you any trouble congratulations... you got lucky! Caveat Emptor!

Keep The Faith,
DJ Tygre

da blur

try new battery out of the package, if you knew they were knew why would you test em on CD Player..

you can get some new foam things for sony headphones too if they are cracked btw
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