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[IMG] tags, what happened


im not one to complain, but i recently noticed that the option has been removed.
i rarely post images, but i was just wondering why they were removed. is it something to do with webspace/ bandwidth??



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IMG tags

It IS strange... IMG tags are'nt turned off in ALL forums though...

The bandwidth option - not really,maybe an objectionable image was posted in a forum or somebody complained that TJDJS was hotlinking to images on their site, and rather than edit the posts in that forum, just turned of hotlinking for it?

Or maybe it's just because it's Wednesday. I would try again on Wednesday!

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the only ppl that could really answer that question could be TJ and possibly the Mods - thts actually a good point steve, i hadnt thot of that - some webmasters get really pissy about ppl hotlinking they stuff


We need to reenable the IMG tags because I just got a kick-ass image for my signature. I want it to show up...