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Interested in Denon S5000s? I Got Vids


Before i got these things - i was looking on the web for instructional vids on how to use them b4 i got them - well, too my luck, not many vids are out there so i decided to make some displaying the functions of the CD player in alil more detail.

You can view them by goin to my myspace profile and below my picture, go to my videos. Ill be adding more vids ASAP.


So far I have:

Mirror Mixing (1 Deck, Using the same song as if using 2 turntables)

Alpha Mixing (I Deck, Seamless Mixing using only one deck across 2 channels then back to 1 channel)

Alpha Mixing PT2 (I Deck, Seamless Mixing using only one deck across two channels freely)

Hot Disc Function (1 Deck, Seamless Transition From 1 CD To Another CD)

Brake Function (1 Deck, replicates the power off switch on a turntable using parameters)

Echo Function (1 Deck, echos the track - can also be used as a Delay function if used right)

Drag Function (1 Deck, replicates the start up on a turntable using parameters)

Dump/RVS Function (1 Deck, Dump plays the track in reverse but in a forward motion so that when you exit the Dump mode, although the track was playing in reverse, the track will be at some point x in the positive direction. RVS plays the track in reverse in a backwards motion so that when you exit RVS mode, the track will be at some point x in the negative direction.)

Seamless Loop/Hot Start/Stutter Functions (1 Deck, Creating A Loop and then using it to add creativity to your mix (very basic how to)...numerous combos you can create yourself)

Splicing Function (1 Deck, The ability of taking sections outta songs)

Sampler Function (1 Deck, The ability to play songs then play samples of other songs/noises over the song. If you wanted too, can load scratch samples into the sampler and use the platter to scratch from that)

Sampler Function Scratch Demo (1 Deck, The ability to load scratch samples into the sampler and use the platter to scratch)
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I got 4 new vids on the way...

Coming soon I will have vids on how to use the Sampler and Splicing Function along with some other operations of the CD player


Alright - thats pretty much the CD Player - i will up videos later using a combo of the functions together