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Jagged Edge Ft. Fabolous - Fire


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I think the song lacks a bit of pace for this duo, but when even thank you for this song which leaves listen


DJ Mattness

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This song's got heat...but I think it could have done without Fabo's "We don't need no water..." verses starting at 3:34 LOL. He just sounds goofy as hell!



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i think its a lot better than some of you are saying, maybe its too laid back for some..:cool:

F-A-B-O's intro is jus SICK imo but i do agree with Matt about Fabs outro lol, its dumb :D

if u download, hit that thanks so my posts are acknowledged :)


You already know...
thanks yo...this is actually quite good...is this supposed to be some promo record or is this really meant to be an album joint? If so, for who(m)

I gotta agree with Matt, Fabolous sounds stupid/corny the last seconds of this joint...still I'm pretty sure that means a lot more $$$ for him than for me when I'm in a stupid/corny mood haha ;)

So whats the 411 on Fabs? He coming with an album? Even a corny one? ;)


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So whats the 411 on Fabs? He coming with an album? Even a corny one? ;)
yeh he is, Ryans producing a few cuts, think its called Loso's Way or sumin :)

@fir3 - i always thank every post i take from now on.. ill make a sticky about it in a bit..