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John Legend ft. Brandy - Quickly


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off John's new album... got it real quick thanks to my boy :D

the song ft's brandy on there too and its been a while since i heard her do something nice with her voice (dont like her new material that much) but check this, she works well with john imo.. check it out let me know.. im still listening to the rest of the album :p


Dj Soulchild

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Yeah, this is another nice cut...enjoying the album a lot so far! :cool:

What's your opinion on the Teddy Riley remix of "It's Over"? :) Yay or nay? lol

Dj Soulchild

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...and it's shit...lol... :rolleyes: It doesn't come anywhere close to the original version of "It's Over"...

I dunno man. Teddy's kinda lost that magic lately, i'm really disappointed, even though he's one of my all-time biggest heroes. I just can't get with his new productions...they just somehow leave you shrugging your shoulders and thinking "so what??". :(

Somebody please disillusion me and hit me with a Teddy-banger that i haven't heard yet...prove me wrong...i so wanna be wrong...looool... :D


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exactly my thoughts! but i love "sd is out" from snoop, is the shit, and some others on the album were also good.

Dj Soulchild

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Yeah, it's alright...but it didn't give me that "wow!" effect like he used to in the 90's and early 2000's...it's like he's desperately tryna keep up with todays leading producer cats and taking influences from each one, instead of re-inventing himself and creating a whole new trademark sound that sets him apart from the others, 'cause let's face it, he's a freakin' genius and he could be running things again, if he really put his heart and soul into it. He set the tone for a whole era of R&B and stayed consistent for years after that. But now i just feel he's become too lazy, care-free and uninspired...it's a real shame. :(

And all these projects he keeps announcing, it's a fucking joke:

ADIDA - what happened to them???
BLACKSTREET ALBUM/TOUR - failed, members didn't show up at concerts.
GUY REUNION - never gonna happen, failed the first time and will always fail - too many egos in that group.
TEDDY RILEY SOLO ALBUM - Blackrock was mediocre and unreleased. And the new one - where is it???
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