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Until the last few weeks Jordan Matthews Color Rush Jersey , it was hard to find a group of more stubborn people than the ones that’ve been swearing since Superbad came out that the Patriots are the world’s worst cheaters, no matter what kind of context or retractions or “You haven’t really thought about this for more than 3 seconds, have you?” comes in their general direction.We’ve all been there. It usually goes a little something like this:You know the old expression, you can lead a horse to water, but sometimes he tells you to go screw yourself.Over the past few weeks though, we’ve got a new contender on the scene:Everyone who apparently blacked out and can’t remember every time they said some variation on the Patriots looking somewhere between hung over and washed up. Noodle arm, anyone? Since I have neither the time nor the crayons to point out everyone that buried New England after the Lions game (us included!) or the Titans game, or the Steelers game, or after the VERY UN-BELICHICK-LIKE loss to Miami on special teams, Fear the Beard, you do the honors:If you need to go have a cigarette after that thread, we feel that.Various sports-talking folks at ESPN, on the other hand, are not pleased that Kenny Britt Jersey , just like last time we did this with them, The North Remembers鈩?Here’s the thing: we all make mistakes. People hit “Reply All” on emails that the entire company is CC’ed on. You forget that cooking bacon without a shirt on is a bad idea. Show me ONE person who hasn’t texted their ex. It happens! All it takes is a simple “Whoops, my bad!” and that’s that. Done. No harm, no foul.So perhaps in an effort to avoid doing this whole thing all over again like on Chappelle’s show when Charlie Murphy slaps Rick James back and Rick goes....ESPN has admirably wised up a bit and *mostly* picked the Patriots to win on Sunday. Bold, I know. Anybody remember those Doritos commercials, “Only for the Bold AND Daring”?Out of the 72 experts that voted (their words, not ours), the World Wide Leader is basically voting 2 to 1 that the Patriots win their 6th Super Bowl - 45 surely cheerful votes went to New England, compared to 27 for the Rams, good for a 62.5% to 37.5% split, respectively.Seems pretty decisive!That said, obviously these two things have nothing to do with each other, but you’ve got to admit the timing is juuuuuuust perfect enough that maybe the football gods have a sense of humor after all.Can’t be feeding those Patriots and their “Everyone thinks we suck” mantra, right? The Seattle Seahawks‘ Michael Dickson knows his unconventional punting style is likely to catch the eye of a few kicking enthusiasts in England.Punts don’t score points Mike Gillislee Color Rush Jersey , though, so he believes the fans might be a bit more dazzled by placekicker Sebastian Janikowski.“The drop kick is cool,” Dickson said. “You do that in rugby a lot. I don’t know if we’ll be doing it too much … so (Janikowski) hitting a few field goals will probably get the crowd pretty happy, I’d say.”Dickson found himself in the spotlight on Sept. 17 when he tried a drop kick during a kickoff, and later an onside kick, in the Seahawks’ 24-17 loss to the Chicago Bears.On Sunday, the rookie from Sydney by way of Texas will take his technique to London as the Seahawks face the Oakland Raiders in the first of three NFL games to be played at Wembley Stadium this season.The drop kick may be much more common in rugby, but Dickson, who didn’t touch a football until 2014, never played the sport. Instead, he grew up playing Australian Rules Football, and as a defender, it was partly his responsibility to kick the ball away.“I had a big kick when I was playing Aussie rules football, so I decided that I wanted to give (the NFL) a go one day https://www.patriotsfanstore.com/Malcolm-Mitchell-Jersey ,” Dickson said. “I didn’t really know about the college football process or anything and hadn’t really watched much American football. I just knew I liked it when I tried out and met an Australian punting coach, and it kind of just took off from there.”Seattle liked Dickson enough to trade up with the Denver Broncos to draft him in the fifth round. He unseated Jon Ryan, the Seahawks’ punter for the last 10 seasons, and in Week 1 became the first NFL player to average more than 59.9 yards on six punts 鈥?including a 69-yarder in the third quarter of a 27-24 loss at Denver.“Field position is enormously important to our style of play, and Michael kicking the ball deep, pinning them back, is important, but (so is) changing the field with some kicks that he’s capable of doing 鈥?not to mention the other things,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “The placement of the ball and the things like that … (are) a lot of really cool things that you don’t normally get from a punter, so we’re just trying to go with it and really understand how to better utilize him.”A few of those cool things were unveiled against Chicago, with Seattle turning to Dickson rather than Janikowski to try to pin the Bears deep after they were penalized on a third-quarter extra point attempt.Dickson, from the 50, kicked the ball after a bounce to the Bears 1-yard line, where it was returned to the 15 by Anthony Miller. It was the first drop kick since 2015 Vincent Valentine Color Rush Jersey , when the New England Patriots‘ Nate Ebner, an Olympic rugby sevens player, tried it on a kickoff against the Philadelphia Eagles.If that wasn’t enough, Dickson was called upon to try to drop kick an onside kick with 14 seconds remaining, but the Bears recovered it.“It’s always a concern and it’s a little unpredictable where it can go, but in a way, you like that,” special teams coach Brian Schneider said. “The good thing is you can disguise it where you want it to go much easier than if it was a kicker.”Dickson, who entered the week fourth in the league with 1,348 gross punting yards, downplayed the drop kicks, saying there are a number of factors that go into how and where he punts the ball.Fittingly, the last thing he wants is to become predictable.“Depending on what teams show what fronts they have and what personnel they have out there, you know Brandon Bolden Jersey , different kicks work for different teams,” Dickson said. “There is some room, but it’s not going to be an every week thing.”NOTES: Carroll said the Seahawks decided upon a Thursday arrival in England after studying other teams’ previous routines. “We took full advantage of the Mercator route and in doing so, it was like a nine hours or something flight,” he said. “It worked out. It was great.” … Safety Kam Chancellor traveled with the team in a support role. Chancellor remains on the physically unable to perform list after injuring his neck last season and is unlikely to be cleared to resume his career. … LB K.J. Wright (knee) did not practice Thursday, but Carroll said TE Nick Vannett, who sat out Wednesday, is “fine.”___