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I'm thinking about buying myself one to use for making beats and using live and was wondering what brands are good and what actual ones you guys think are the real deal for production wise thanks


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If you're just starting up, it doesn't really matter how good the keyboard is, just get something with a MIDI controller built in!!!!


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Live.....I suggest the Fantom G, they have a fully weighted 88key version, an absolute beast for live, and recording. The sounds are amazing, and the layering + effects for playing live are some of the best I've heard for the price.


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I dont know if your just starting, but the micro korg is dope. For live, I heard the Roland V-Synth was a beast.


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I'd say

Fantom x6 $1800


Apple Computer $1700
Logic Pro $599

You can do everything on logic, record, mix, master etc.

Apple's run smooth as well.