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La Macarena (2010 Dance Remix)(Fiya!! :D)(130BPM)

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
hahaha.. imagine all the people trying to do that dance... good mix though..
ha yeah that shit will be a damn work out! i can play it at the end of the night to help some peeps kill there buzz lol

i just made this remix for personal enrichment :D


Sounds good. Would've been nice to have back then for a different spin on it. This brings back alot of memories, since it seemed I had to play it every single gig for what seemed like forever. When the Macarena was burning out, I used to tell the oddball person requesting (begging for) it I'd play it in "a little while", and instead played this at the end of the night. :p


Got it from another DJ, and haven't a clue where he got it or who the artist was, so my apologies for not being able to post credit.


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Lol at that last comment ! :)

Maybe a cool idea to make a remix.. starting from the dance remix rebel made.. into a piece of the original.. into something more electro like with the lyrics from fuck the macarena :p lol