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Labels anti extendeds mixes! Must read!


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I also got my Rihanna - Only Girl (Remix) pulled off mediafire and I got the same Copyright Infringement Trouble Ticket from Universal like Nacho Vega on Soundcloud for the same remix. It did make me wonder though there are lots of Only Girl remixes on soundcloud why did I get get one? Maybe they are flagging songs from big albums Universal has coming out. In the end DJs work hard to move the music and everybody who puts in work on this site I respect and appreciated


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They probably have Media Defender set for Rihanna's album because its such a big priority for the label and thats why all the Rihanna stuff has been taken down. Media Defender is meant to prevent any leaks of the album or tracks online prior to street date...


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totally with you on this one. extends and intros make it easy for us dj's to mix and they shouldn't bring a stop to them.
does anybody know about the new national law that was passed a few months back that makes it %100 legal to use ANYTHITHG sold on DVD or CD as an elemental "sample" to your mashup creation. this goes for video as well as audio. of course this would not work for music not reliesed or sold in stores yet. this is good for all of us remixers, especialy those video dj producers out there who want to use movie or artists video elements in their own creation. i do believe they set the maximum length for each sample to be under 15 minutes. i am also aware that this law is only for DVD and CDs sold by the copywrite holders in stores, it has got to be something sold in a store or over the internet, online rips are off limits apparentley. but if a cd is sold in a store... yes you can remix and add intros or do absolutely anything you as the artist want to do. although places like youtube are still not allowing you to upload in this manner (full movies in 15 minute segments, part 1, part 2 ect.). it is still completely legal to sample anything if its under 15 minutes in lenth. i have asked my attorney and i was advised that for the time being there is no law that sayes you cannot sample a song and use it to make your own artistic impression of the "sample" and sell it for proffit if your sample is under 15 minutes in lenth. im no expert but i have done plenty of research and if anyone can add some info about this i would appreciate it. any advise helps. like i said, im no expert and if anybody knows more detailed info on this new law please let us know.
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15 min? lol average song is only like 4 min...
even if you do alter a mix you kind of do own a creative user copyright somehow..but just technically owe them royalties
I'm pretty sure you can sample all day in your room and no one will know or care if you just keep it to yourself but the problem comes in when you try to share or SELL it.
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It just doestn make sense that they would threaten to penalize anyone for redistributing something that you are not charging for but just making easier to get out to the public. I mean some of the things music companies try to uphold that have such gay areas kinda irritates me. But good job standing up for all of us dj's out there Voodoo


Keep the faith bro.....we love ya
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Thanks for putting the V.P. on blast. He has time to find faults, but doesn't have time to open doors for hard working dj's like yourself. I'm gonna keep moving the mixed cd's that I put my hard work, & time into. I pay dues in a record pool, I purchased technique 1200's - serato, back it up with Vestax VCI-300, purchased quality mobile sound, and I can't use any of this along with today's technology to get a return on my investment. Until a record lable pays me for what I do for them I'll fill the needs of the market in my area my way. If Mr. DAVID BENJAMIN finds this tread by chance, open doors for hard working D.J.'s or give us a clear understanding of limitations without interfering with our cash flow. If you can't do that Mr. Bengamin get out of the f@!*#%! way, it's money to made out here. Thanks Vodoo & keep bangin those hott remixes.


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honestly, this post should have more than a 100 respond....people who download Voodoo extends should atleast support our fellow dj. As for my mix Crate, i have a lot of Voodoo and Graff, this isnt fair for us djs to be getting all kinds of shit like this from the record labels....i know they pay radiostations to play new songs that their arsts come out with yearl, as it pays them back. but it is sad for us club, parties, bar djs being overlooked as useless to big lables... all will be fine im sure, you just shared what you love doing.. they should just work with you instead..


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Ah.. but you should be thanked though Voodoo. The idiot producers who don't understand anything about the club scene and keep putting out stuff without consideration of how things go down in the club.

I wouldn't have played a lot of tracks in the club had they not been extended. The extends are the main reasons we support their music.

DJs and Producers need to understand the power they actually have. These artists need us. As long as you are not trying to sell other people's work as your own(The way Graff tries to do on here) then it should be fair game to distribute freely to the professionals in the industry.

Check out sites like digidj dot co dot uk. They beg you to review new tracks and you get to download them absolutely free including various remixes. This is because the djs can make or break a track.

Your extends are perfect and true to the original tracks. I have loads of them that I truly depend on to smash and juggle ma beats in the club. Respect!