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When it comes to 300 views and little or no replies, my excuse is, I cant download *.rar files here. So if I look into the post and try the download file, I find that 99% of downloads are in rar format, so theres no need for me to reply when I cant download it.

The best way to combat leechers, is to install a "hide" or "lockdown" hack. The link will be hidden until a person replies. At this point you have a better idea who may have downloaded it. Then a rule could be implemented on the board that an edited reply is required to give your feedback.

I ran several boards in the past 10 years, and the hide/lockdown hack does wonders for replies and feedback.


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I met tj at a listening party, he turned me on to his site, told me to use it as a tool. I break artist and their music, I see alot of underground music on the board, on myspace, and through out the internet. I go to conferences through out the south. I BREAK ARTIST MUSIC FROM FROM ALMOST ALL 50 states, I do give back, I give freedownloads of our mixtapes,and send out for reviews. all the mixtapes I Press up I DO cause I'm working directly with the artist or group of artist, I DO UP LOAD SONGS< SONGS I GET AND I THINK THEY ARE HOT... I DON"T UP LOAD UNLESS I'M WORKING WITH THE ARTIST IN SOME WAY, through their people giving me their music. AND I DO GIVE REAL FEEDBACK on tracks


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Well I'm new here so I'm trying not to adopt that attitude and post lots of honest 9tho short) reviews about the music I listen to.

I agree that a communities value is based off the individuals contributions to that community. With that in mind I try to do my part of what ever community I'm a part of.


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Whatsup to you all. I am new at this, just want to introduce myself. Hit me up leave a comment tell me about yourself. It cool to me new friends.


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Your contribution is a must...please get more involved here!


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Join T-Pain Radio & Djs conference call Thurs August 29 @7pm est. W/T-Pain hosted by Fluseason: (530) 881-1300 Access Code: 150559#