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Limewire shut down by federal order!


Could This Federal Mandate Spell the end for Other Peer To peer sharing sites and Groups such as this? With the upcoming trial slated to start in January 2011
a lot is on the line in terms of what constitutes FREE FILE SHARING AND DOWNLOADS! A lot of folks are gonna be seriously Impacted by whatever decision is reached in the courts and you betta believe if the ruling is against LIMEWIRE the Hounds of the Federal Government are gonna be out in FORCE Shutting Down and Slapping Heavy Fines on all other Alledged File Share Sites!
What Is your Opinion On This Latest Action? :mad::eek:

da blur

its not gonna stop PIRATING, might put a little fear in a couple programs/companies but there will ALWAYS be more to replace them once they get shut down- Just like Napster>KaZaa, k-lite,ares-lite, bear share, and also by foreign hosts that have little to no real copyright laws. it would take several judge rulings in other countries to change their laws before it would really have any effect and even then people wont ever stop bootlegging, ever.. a lot of people don't even use limewire anymore, now a days all you need to do is know the name of a song and type it in google and first 1-3 results is a link to the song on a free hosting site such as zippyshare, hulkshare, mediafire, megaupload and the list goes on and you can download it in literally 1-3 seconds.
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Well This Thing is gonna get wild The Internet Is supposed To Be Free Once You've paid for whatever service that your internet provider offers! I for one also think that this is not gonna stop folks from accessing FREE Downloads when it's readily Available.

devious Davis

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yeah i havent used any site such as limewire in over 4 years and can find any song i need in under 30 seconds with the appropriate search on google.