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Mastering for HipHop And Rap , $50 per song ,

DJ Smuv

Track Masta
We are real engineers using only the latest tools to improve you music and truly give your songs that "sound" youve been reaching for .

We are not "square top" mastering engineers and you will never get a song mastered from us thats just been shoved though a brickwall limiter and called "Mastered" .

Your records will be clearer , cleaner and as loud as the majors !

Guaranteed -12 to -10 Db RMS just like the pros . Quick 24 Hour turnaround .

Send us your song , We'll send you a sample of how good your music can be with SmuvHouse Mastering !

Call Us at 678 508 2941
or email us a snippet (.wav or .aiff ONLY ) to djsmuv@gmail.com

Dj SMuv