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Misterdje: My Words Of Wisdom!!!


Greetings Fellow DJ's!

As the mover's and shakers in the industry on the ground level we have a committment to the masses!. First and formost:1. To provide quality entertainment that the people so desperately seek. 2.To ensure that the establishents or businesses that we work for or ourselves realize a profit!!. One without the other is mute!. As a DJ who has been Spinining everything from REEL TO REEL, 8 TRACK Tapes, Cassette Tapes, 45's, LP's, CD's and MP3's. I have seen the changes in this movement to a great degree and i think that it is fantastic!!. But, in order for it gain even greater momentum we as artists(DJ's) must realize that knowledge is "Truly THE Power!" We must gain insight (Positive) into the gifts that we possess and share it with world and also one another!!. There is not one DJ, who can trully claim to be the Greatest!! We are all great in our chosen areas of expertise. Be it the hip hop kid down the street, the jungle, club, trance, progressive house dj spinning with the high tech lights and fog or the oldies but goodies guy slaming beats together that don't match!! We don't make ourselves great!! The people and crowds that support us do!! And we owe it to them to be the best at whatever we do!! Dj's keep the world in a DAZE!!! Keep Spinnin!!

Love and Respect
Chill-E-Most Productions