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My External Hard Drive


I have a 250 Gig Western Digital Ex. H.D. on several occasions I have tried to do my back ups, followed everything to a "T" and constantly having issues with it not doing my backups correctly and now I have mulitple folders on it with the same music because it wont backup my shit with out putting doubles in there :mad:

Can anyone please give me some advice and/or assitance with this issue:confused:???

My laptop is slow as mollases right now with 3200 tracks in it because my Ex HD wont do its job......



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da blur

How much RAM does your laptop got...?

Might take a while to do backups so set a side some time (depending on how much data you got) so make some dedicated time to do this backup and don't try to do other stuff while you're doing this unless you got a fast computer..

Just copy it on to external and walk away or do it while you go to sleep, or go to work (or school)

[although sometimes i find that on externals they have random ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO MOVE read-only or other hidden files-which requires you to be at your computer to click ok and accept..]

Not sure why it would make dupliate folders of same folder....

Side note: Uhm Try Not Putting More Then Like 1000 Files In 1 Folder otherwise your computer might freeze up

I make a new folder for each month for new [singles] and usually get like 1000 singles and then got another archive library of albums in separate folders..

no problems here
or maybe your ex hdd is just meessed up?
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Like Blur said, you're probably better off to NOT multitask while doing your backup. I always do mine when I go to sleep or work and I've never had any problems. I have 2 Gb of RAM right now, but I did it before with 512Mb RAM, Windows Vista, and about 10,000 tracks.

Hope this helps.


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I'll co-sign the "No Multitasking" rule...better off doing it while at work/sleep. I have 2 500gb seagate drives and never have any probs with them...