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need help deciding on equipments!


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Hello everyone! I am a newbie that is looking into getting some turntables/controllers for the first time. Few models that I am currently looking at and would love feedback on each!

Numark ns7fx
Numark ns6
numark 4trak
pioneer ddj-s1

I don't have any plans on going on and doing clubs.. maybe just a few weddings or small gigs. Thanks in advance!


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I would say for me it comes down to pioneer ddj-s1 or Numark ns7fx

Both perform well, but the the outstanding items to me are...

DDJ-S1 - That pioneer quality, Effects and Slip mode. It is ok for scratching, serato makes it a great experience.

NS7fx - Moving platters, better for scratching. Effects. Heavy unit. check out some Youtube reviews, might give you what you want.

Personally I stayed with the DDJ S1.


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if i were you, i would start with the NUMARK MIXTRACK PRO, that controller is one of the best for beginners, and the price is not too high. Maybe later you can upgrade to one of those controllers you were interested it.