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Off Beat Scratching


Bum Squad
Ok first let me say that I am by no means the best scratching cat by far but lately I have been hearing some cats doing some crazy off beat scratching...Whut the hell is this? Isnt it suppose to have some sort of rhthym? isnt it supposed to be somewhat musical? Cats learn how to crab so they think they are done learning? I mean its just all these unnecessary cut up sounds with no meaning and no direction. Hell I dont even know how to explain it properly. The part that scares me is that the cats doing it dont know how terrible they sound so they continue doing it. I guarantee you if I try and bring it to their attention they are only going to want to challenge me to some sort of battle.:eek: Its annoying PLEASE STOP.:eek:

Ok Im done.:eek:


Yeah I Feel What Your Sayin...
The DJ last night at a club I was at was scratching off beat with hip-hop... well everything he played...
It gets annoying after a while... especially since he was doing some Funk Master Flex business (if you guys don't know what that is... it's looping a part of the song for 1000003290834 bars)

But Unity... your not alone... I feel you on that

DJ Intense

New member
yea i dunno same thing wit da dmc comp....before djs used to sratch on beat and win....nowadays the winner doesnt even have to be on beat (take i-merge as an example). The winner could just easily get away with doing crazy ass sratch comboz like 45 million click flares and shit....that really needs to stop. The only real recent dmc set that was on beat was dj kentaro's 2002 set...that shit was dope