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Paper Plan VS So Krispy (RMX)

da blur

yeah not bad.. might be better if you used acapella blended it
or transitioned it er somthin

paper plains pella

paper plains instru

so krispy pella

so krispy instru

um see if you cant throw this shit in there too
i'm too lazy

Rump Shaker sample
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Dj Peck

New member
Nice...i use to do the same thing(just plain beat over the original song rather than the acapella)...sounds good though

da blur

lmao this shit aint even the same bpm as krispy you slowed it down to fit
so krispy =94
so guess it wouldnt sound so good with just the krispy beat

did you even make this
this shit is the new i kissed a girl and lollipop theres like umteen remixes


im gonna try to do a quick transition before i got to bed i guess see how it sounds
-goes from paper plans regular into paper plans over krispy with a hint of a sample of the regular beat into ray-j sexy can i just cause its same bpm lol

tried adding the gun shots and ching on chorus from instru
dont sound 100% perfect but it works...

never realized how sloppy paper plans acapella was cut until i was looking at the wavs in my face lol but it has an old vinyl quality to it that makes it sound okay ha

krispy paper planes
tell me how that sounds > > k goin to bed now
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DJ Slayed Syzmor
da blur, it sounds good until a little bit into the krispy instrumental the capella starts getting a little ahead of the beat.


Just threw this together before I head out to class. I thought it was pretty funny, I might do something with this later.

Krispy Planes Dirty Dance Machine Mix
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da blur

you are right. im a little off :[ cause i didnt really change the bpm i just slowed it down a bit like 9% and kinda guessed n i was tired as hell
lol that dance machine version sounds funny but too stretched out when you sped it up... its not real clear,now all you gotta do is speed up the pella and put it on there

i was gonna speed mine up too actually or add autotune to acapella lol
but decided not to

check this out: http://www.zshare.net/audio/17776324d027b375/
i drop the beat out a lot

lol k im bout sick of this song now.. besides this one awesome amazingly rmx i heard of it .. think it was with 50 cent's i get money or somthin cant remember
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