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Pitbull Feat. Lil' Jon - Crazy (al Burn) *daaaaaaaamn* [dirty / Nodj / Cdq] !!!fire!!


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you Gotta understand what pitt was tryin to do,... that song was made to be popular in the Islands and europe, if it picks up in the states thats just a bonus,...and it will,... in a backwards sort of way... really A d.j. will have no choice but to play this,... and even though the average person may not like it automatically if they hear it on the radio, a few times out hearing it at the club while having a good time they will love it.

My prediction: watch for some dancehall remixes on some mixtapes,... pitt will most likely do a spanish version with a reggaeton artist,... and another remix featuring someone from the U.K., I'm Guessing M.I.A. (the artist, not the city)

as for my review,.. the "Jump up lets get crazy" goes on waaaaaaay to fuckin long ... the switch up in the beat is cool,.. nice riddim ,..7/10
it will be popular.