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lol!!! man long az way from new orleans...lol!!

no pella yet yo...im waitng for it...when i do il hook it up no doubt!!

nz djs represent!!

dj bands

DJ God[father]
Good to see you pimpin nz soundz ..I'm workin on a remix of brother ..I'm sure everyone here will enjoy that song!!
Brother is the most overrated song Ive ever heard in my life...With all respect for homegrown tunes, but the song is...its not really that great, is it??

dj bands

DJ God[father]
Seems like this kid is making sum noise
Album just leaked!!

01. Intro (Produced by Fire & Ice) 02:26
02. Bazooka's Theme (Produced by Forty One & Evan Short) 03:35
03. Find Me (Feat. Chong Nee) (Produced by Chris Laupama) 03:59
04. Moonlight (Produced by Official) 03:09
05. What's Up (Produced by P-Money) 02:51
06. V.S.O.P. (Feat. David Dallas) (Produced by Beat Kamp Muzic) 03:30
07. Gone (Feat. Che Fu) (Produced by Fire & Ice) 04:30
08. Take Me Home (Feat. Mz. J) (Produced by Forty One) 03:47
09. Tonight (Produced by Forty One) 03:30
10. It Doesn't Matter (Produced by JSquared) 03:45
11. New Day (Feat. Tyra Hammond) (Produced by JSquared) 04:45
12. 1/2 Kast (Produced by David Atai) 03:47


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BDB can one of u Kiwi jokerz plz post "RSVP"...?thnxz
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