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**Reggae Forum Guidelines & Information** Please Read

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ATTN: Selecta's, DJ's and Reggae Headz

My name is MoonDawg and I am the new Reggae Mod for this forum. TJ has expressed his desire for this forum to be more organized and I couldn't agree more. Please read and abide by the following guidelines:

1. Please do not double post anything on this forum (pretty much a standard on this site!). All double posts will be deleted, removed, closed, etc!

2. There will now be a sticky exclusively for, and dedicated to, "must-have" or "classic" reggae/dancehall records. This is where members will post what they believe to be essential reggae tunes every Selecta/DJ needs to have in his/her collection. This will free up the board from people asking for the names of "hot reggae songs" every 4th post on this forum! Refer to that sticky for more details.

3. There will be another sticky created for reggae radio media outlets. This is where members can post information and links to reggae radio shows, video outlets, record shops, websites, etc. Once again this is so that we don't have the same posts repeated every 4th post on the forum.

From my initial observation these 3 items seem to be the most repetitive threads that are posted which eat up a lot of space.

Please use these new threads!!

Remember that the primary focus for the Reggae Forum is to discuss the latest & hottest riddims, Reggae news, trade music and to educate both the hardcore reggae headz and visitors.

Thank You

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