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**Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Dj Dez RMX)


whea dey do dat at?
Thanks for the feedback Poltageist.....

Im glad you like it. I wanted to create a new vibe from the original.


whea dey do dat at?
Thanx Phil258...

So far EUROPE seems to be feelin it !!! Thanx to you all for your feedback.


Man, that beat is catchy as hell. The second it started I was nodding to it. You did an AWESOME job! 8/10.


whea dey do dat at?
Thanks Kaijin .....

Your opinion is HIGHLY valued! By the way, you were WILDIN' on that chicken noodle soup video you did. Good Luck, man. I hope you win. Thanx for the feedback.


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Thanx meantime69, jskello ...

To meantime69 : burn it, sell it, ion care, just let ya audience know I produced that track. I'm from Albany. We probably know each other anyway...I'm DJ Dez/ Da Vinci formerly of HOT 106.

To jskello: Feels good to know you think my track is sick. Ill be throwing a LOT more remixes REAL SOON !!!



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Thanx FlaLisna for the feedback on the PM !!!

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Re: Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Dj Dez Remix)

yeah the beat tight...u can tell u spent alot of time on the melody...on my computer it sounds like the bass should be brought up a bit but it'll probably sound different on cd...tight work.

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Thanx mr r&b for the FEEDBACK on the PM !!!

mr r&b
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Re: Rich Boy - Throw Some D's
hi dj dez
thank you for the track Throw Some D's it's nice man
peace mr r&b


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Good lookin out latinblood2k1...

Judging from your other posts, you seem to have a good ear. Can't wait to hear what you think about this one. Thanx in advance... P.S. Thats a cool ass myspace page.


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Thanx eliza_e03, Earfquake .....

eliza_e03: well mmmmm let me c mmmmmmmmm Thanx for the FEEDBACK girl!

Earfquake: Thanx. If Natural Disaster Ent. could use some extra beats, holla at ME!!!

DJ enCore

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Nice beat, nice melody. Real mellow, ridin music. Although I don't think the track matches Rich Boy's intensity. At times the melody clashes, mainly the second verse when he's singing. Like I saida though, maybe if U added like some synthesizers or stabs to bring out the track and make it stand out. I'm a producer myself so I listen for things. Keep the trax coming though.