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RIP Pimp C of UGK, DEAD AT 33


It is with great regret that I must confirm that Chad Butler aka Pimp C, one half of the legendary UGK, was in fact discovered dead this morning.

Out of respect for his mother, wife and children, please refrain from creating rumors or leaking false information.

A formal statement will be released later this afternoon.

Thank you all for understanding..

Nancy Byron
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DJ enCore

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Muaupoko said:
It doesn't even mention how he died. Now that would be interesting to know. R.I.P
IT appears to be natural causes before yall start goin and speculating. They found no drug paraphernelia in his room and it appeared he was alone, ruling out foul-play.


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He wasn't just a legend in the south, he was a legend, PERIOD. I was on UGK when they first came out with the EP cassette. Pimp C will be greatly missed.



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Damn :( We Lost A Legend..one Of Da Trillest Most Outspoken Dirty South Artists Ever In Da Game!!! Much Love To His Family And Friends R.i.p. Pimp C We Will Miss Ya Homie!!!


May god bless and forever KEEP PIMP C's Legacy Alive!!! BUN B, Keep on movin in C's Name!!! UGK's Fans everywhere pray for C's and Bun B's families and DJ's out there doin your sets, take the time to give the UGK crew your love!! wit a UGK set "HIGH LIFE!" Comes to mind honor this crew as they made the rest of the world realize that the SOUTH IZ REAL in this RAP GAME TOO!! Mad Love Misterdje