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Rosco - Blinded By The Light (WE DO ALL DJ DROP REQUESTS !)

DJ Smuv

Track Masta
Well , thanks for the reviews - U2 , RD !
This song is our most downloaded (45k), so we posted it first .
I have more material , and I will post it after this threads life is done .
Keep the reviews coming !


Universal Wizard
Roscoe is a hard working cat. I like the Independent remix, the Feel me Remix and expecially Swagg Rank 1.


New member
I Like it hope he sticks to flowin like that and dont go to only rappin dum shit bout drinkin and that kinda shit

and yea just like the others said its missin sometime and then it just dosent jump out but still its good

bigg up wanna hear more!!


Universal Wizard
I used his drops and two of his songs to make a mixtape snippet and posted it on my myspace page. I used "Feel Me" Akon, Jada and Roscoe; "Paper Chaser." Check it out if interested hearing more of Roscoe.