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Rules for TJ's DJ's Record & CD Pool Members


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TJs DJs Record & CD Pool’s 10 Commandments

1. Dues are due on the first of each month. NO EXCEPTIONS! If the dues arrive on the 2nd of the month or later they are considered late and are subjected to a $20 late fee. This does not mean that you cannot turn your dues in early. The earlier the better. Holidays and weekends that fall on the first are no excuse! Dues can be paid in the form of Visa, Master Card, check card, personal check or money order made to Karizma Entertainment.

2. Charts are due every Wednesday. We prefer that you email them to charts@TJsDJs.com but, they can be faxed to (850) 877-3110 if necessary. If they are received on Thursday, they are considered late and are subjected to a $20 late fee. The chart should be in numerical order from 1-30 with the hottest song being number 1. In addition, each number should be accompanied by the name of the song, artist, and label. And of course with your name and date on it as well. There should not be any records older than 6 months from when we issued the song on the chart. If this occurs, then the result will be an incomplete chart. That is as good as not turning a chart in and you will be considered late.

3. WE DO NOT SELL THE POOL's RECORDS! That would be a violation of the trust given to us by the labels. We are given promotional copies to promote an artist, not steal from them. If there is a record that you do not have, let us know and we may be able to provide it to you through the pool. Or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

4. You must break records at your venue, mixtape, mixshow, or other form of spinning. The purpose of the pool is to break records, if you don’t you will be quickly dismissed.

5. All of TJ’s DJs must be active. This is not a record club. We need to break records. If you aren’t spinning, no one can hear the music and therefore, it can’t be broken.

6. Not every DJ receives every record. As we do receive full servicing from most labels, still others do not have the allotment to supply our pool. Due to mathematics, that means some DJs will miss out on certain records. But, the best way to receive as many records as possible is to break records while turning your dues and charts in on time.

7. For our in-town DJs, pick up days are on Wednesday. If this day is impossible for you, please let us know and we can make other arrangements.

8. If you are an out of town DJ, your records are sent a few days after the 1st and 15th of every month. If fees are not paid by the first, then you will not receive your records.

9. All DJs in the pool are required to have an email address. Our primary form of communication is the computer. Since all of our DJs are interconnected, and it is a requirement for feedback when requested, email makes for a faster return from us to you.

10. If you cannot abide by the rules of the pool and are considered a repeat offender, you will be excused from the pool.

If there are any problems meeting the requirements, feel free to speak to a TJs DJs Record & CD Pool representative to discuss your situation. Otherwise, you are subject to the applicable penalties of the pool.

Here at TJs DJs we wish to not only break music, but also cultivate our DJs. If you need help building your career or would like a push in the right direction, get at us. We do this for a living and I must say, we’ve gotten quite good at it. We are a utility to our DJs and are not scared to help anyone who wants to help themselves.

In that regard, if you know of a record and have not received it in the pool, let us know and we will do our best to get that record for you and the pool. We are greedy and we want every quality record created.


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No one can ever be successful without rules and guidelines...


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The rules dont state which country you have to be in.

Can Canadian DJ's recieve CD's \ Records here?

Also for promoting the stuff and getting charts, would we be allowed to host a priviate forum (on our own server) and have a select group of 25ish people critique the songs and select out their favourites?

One last question about mixtapes, if were in this pool, can we charge something like 5$ a mixtape to cover printing costs?