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Ryan Leslie - Never Gonna Break Up [Full/NoDJ/CDQ]


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okay, gotta say this song is good. But like you guys react to this track I expected something from another world. It's certainly way above average. But I guess I'm with the camp that liked the old NS joints of 2004-2007 the most. Too bad he kinda changed his style. It's like he's trying too hard to make classy tracks. His old tracks were the shit. Like I saw the playlist of his album I honestly don't know if I will like this album as much as his first two. Especially the first one.
But keep this in mind, I heard this track only 2 times up until now. And it's growing on me. Hope Ryan can prove me wrong. :)


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soon as i heard it first time i was hooked n had it on rpt ever since.. that was like 2mths ago now... but atm, im hooked on "is it real love" :D

i need to compare this properly to the one i had frm before, i think it might be slightly diff... i knw the ending is... maybe the speed is too :cool:


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Track is just sick!! So far from what i heard of the new album, this might be my favorite song. I love the beat, the melody is so catchy.