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Sickick AKA Lomaticc of Culture Shock

da blur


This guy will definitely be the next The Weeknd...


Sounds like Craiig Daivid + Jay Sean + The Weeknd + Skrillex put into a blender....

I just hunted down all his known work...got like 140 of his songs/remixes

Culture Shock 2 - Black Market Edition (2009)

Culture Shock - Culture Shock 2.5 (Legal Tender) (2012)
Culture Shock - Dub (Cover Songs) Free Tuesdays & "Lost Files" (unreleased/covers)
and a bunch of Lomatticc of Culture Shock solo songs and singles

Sikick - TalkSick EP
Sickick - TalkSick2 EP (unfinished) [TBA]

plus some songs he produced for others
"Produced by Lomaticc" / "Produced by Sickick [Music]"
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