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Southern Drama - I Dont Know (Prod. DJ Smuv)

DJ Smuv

Track Masta
aight - i know theys alot of new music from the big guys , but leave a lil feedback for a brotha

DJ Smuv

Track Masta
I guess if you aint got a video out , or your song aint on the radio , you dont gets no love on this board no mo .
I mean , cmon , we dont put out anything any different than say , rick ross or lil yola , but we get "wheres the creativity?" or hip hop is dead or whatever . You say this is unoriginal , I say what the hell IS original these days ? How much of a response would we get or by whose standards will we be judged by when we get a radio budget ?
you guys used to knock shit I posted last year , and now them same songs is toppin the charts and you on the bandwagon " oh this group is the hottest new thing , or that dude was the shit " wtf gives ?


I say the double standards are in effect here on this board these days .

These same songs , once they break through , yall be sayin "thats my jernt , I been rockin that since it dropped on TJ's ".

Will you say wheres the creativity then ?

Will I have to whip out the checkbook to get a review then ?

Im Sorry , I guess this will come across as sour grapes but fuck it .TJ's 12" reviews aint what it used to be .

I love you TJ and all you do , but this aint the place to break new artists anymore .

Get Buck

ayo smuv.... that southern drama shit allways goes hard mane!!

i'm lovin this shit! anything they drop is pure heat!

the album was tight, beats could have been a lil different to another, but the
new tracks i've heard now that was not on the album was very different and
fresh as well. this track is a hit too! they have a great flow and all that...

are they coming with a new album soon?