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{Street Certified!!!!} J.W. Baik At It-(Leave Feedback)

DJ Twyst

What do you get when you add the delivery of Trick Daddy, The Swag of Plies and The Go-Getta Grade "A" Hustler Mentality of Rick Ross??? You get my boy J.W. Straight out Ft. Lauderdale,Fla. This is by far the hottest,str8 with no chaser, hood classics artist you will hear this year!!!! I've posted a few times songs for feedback, but this right here, I STAND BEHIND HIM 100% I was at his listening session yesterday and his mixtape is gonna be BANANAS!!! His album is gonna be BANANAS!!!! I'm puttin him in the rankings of JEEZY,BLOODRAW,TRICK DADDY,RICK ROSS and even Wayne!!! What i'm giving you right now is just a taste of what he has in store!!!! The first track is Baik At It produced by M-16(producer of Playaz Circle Duffle Bag Boy) and it just giving you and insight on just hustlin in the game and just going for yours!!! I'm adding the street and clean versions for the Dj's who gonna bump this as soon as they hear it!!!


Baik At It-Streethttp://www.zshare.net/audio/153010425e3f73d9/

Baik At It-Cleanhttp://www.zshare.net/audio/1530130457352828/

This second track is just a Bonus I'm gonna throw this in because this is the REALEST street shit i've heard. If you on your grind and you gotta make it just to take care of yours, whether you dealing,hustlin or just outright grindin, I gotta is the track for you!!! This track is produced by J-Mil(producer of Shawty Putz "Dat Baby" ft Lil Jon)!!! This is my motivational track right here!!! It will be yours too!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!

I Gotta-Streethttp://www.zshare.net/audio/15301539d71012f1/
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DJ Twyst

Ok!!! I see I still have no feedback!!! Just remember when it does break, Twyst brought it to you first!!!!

DJ Twyst

Appreciate the Feedback BlackLabel!!! Need more feedback DJ's!!!! Your honest opinons counts!!!


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this is bumpin even though it's the same beat from language by rocko. "bitch you betta chill...i done bought you everything that you wanted this year" 8.5/10