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Sunni Stephens- "My Chicken" 10/10 Prod. by Mr Hanky


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Don't Sleep

Wait to you see the reaction in the clubs when you play it. They will be running to the DJ booth askin the DJ to play it again.

Again I say Don't Sleep

Preciate the feedback and spins;)


Mr.Fuck U Pay Me
Can u upload it on mediafire or sumthin. i steady have trouble downloadin from speedyshare. upload the other versions too.


Mr.Fuck U Pay Me
Thanx for the new link.

The track is hit or miss. For me its a miss, but I know others will like. The beat is whats hot right now, but without it sounds like a KFC commercial to me. Good beat. Concept wack. Lollipop/tootsie roll/Candy shop/Deez Nutz/Chicken. Same shit. All u missin is the mash potatoes and gravy. Will ppl wanna hear it? Probably. 7/10


Call Me Mean
Like The Beat, It'll Go Good Blending In With Errthing Else...this One Will Have To Be Slowly Introduced...young Girls Will Probably Love It...of Course They Want Their Chicken Ate...betwix 5-8/10