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Sup Fellow Deejays! and oldskool Fam! too much packs of music WtF!!


ok, Honestly i havent been here in a while. and im sorry.. no Excuse, i love Tjsdjs Forum!!
all i see is 100's of posts of bullshit remix packs we Definitly need to put a stop to these Posts full of Packs..putting up a link with 100+ songs is waack!!! aint really helping anyone!!
back in the day we worked hard and networked to get good music!! its waay too easy now!!!

Post one song, and a reason!!! you guys are killin this great networking site!!
i remember posting a remix that was dope, and people actually gave feedback!!
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Real talk. Also we need to cut out posting of other services e.g xmix, funkymix etc. This should be a creativity zone.