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T-PAIN VIDEO ON 106 & PARK!!!!!!!

DJ Twyst

Tj!!!!!!!!!! You Blew This One Up!!! And They Love It On 106!!! Give Shouts Out To Tj For His Cameo In The Video!!!!!!!


Mississippi's Finest
Let's see if the fickle Bow Wow and Omarion groupies give this a chance to get in the Top 10..... lol

Props just for gettin "New Jointed".....

DJ Moss Major

Imma have to catch the RERUN

:) That's whats up...TJ was giving T-PAIN Big props. I'll have to watch the 106 and PARK RERUNS...I stopped watching 106 two years ago when i saw that is was FOR THE KIDS......up here in OHIO...at least in my area...not alot of the DJ's are up on the new artists..WHERE IS THAT T-PAIN SINGLE POSTED?

Mz. Cavaceeyai

DJ Moss Major said:
I'll have to watch the 106 and PARK RERUNS...M
Me too :( They've also updated his website again. Changed the colors, splash, and posted a bio and a wmv format of the video (finally). I heard it was a diff. version then the one they showed on 106 today though? T-Pain is definitely doing it big.

The single was stickied in one of these sections...one of the ones @ the top.


Push to the top.
ok i'am trying to keep my calm but i just miss the first showing of my boo T-PAIN video. i think i can deal with that. but i will be looking at 106 in park like crazy; by all means. :cool:


BX 2 the Helmet
Dude is Nice wit it! but it was crazy when I first seen him it didnt look like the person i thought he would be. I was picturing a skinny slick dude like Slim from 112 or like an RL from Next. It was totally opposite though.

What was ya'll reactions?

Dj Purfiya

Da Florida Ambassador
I voted like 15 times yesterday..whats the position on the countdown??Someone told me it was #10 at the end of last week. Im hardly home when 106 is on.


New member

Yeah, I loved that song the first time I heard it....

Gave me goosebumps! :D

still, it's hard to really tell though, 'cause my skin is very bumpy to begin with ! :(

Anyway, good find & tireless promotion paid off! (Though it's easier when you have good material like Tpain to work with it! )

Dj Purfiya

Da Florida Ambassador
TJ said:
It went to #1!!!
Thats Big!!! I know your a humble person TJ but you get credit here because I know back in the beginning of the year you were telling people not to sleep on this record.Even when the record was getting bad feedback, you still persisted. And then I met TPain back in Septemeber and seen for myself the drive he has and the way he works the audience. Props to the both of you and everyone else who worked this record and helped promote it.