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TEXAS STAND UP KB out the 713- Put It In the Air ft. Yung Joc, Wonderous, Short Texas


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Hall A Fame Entertainment presents:

The new smash single "Put It In The Air" by KB feat. Yung Joc, Wonderous and Short Texas. This track is tearing up all clubs in Houston, Texas. Download and give feed back please. Also be on the look out for Wonderous and his hit single "This Is Who I Am". Preciate all the love.



For more info:
Toe Jam: (281) 657-5810
Money Marc: (281)802-2743

For A MR HANKY BEAT: www.myspace.com/djmfhanky
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Gotta Have Dem Bangaz!!!
Yo!! Feelin dis joint, but it needs an outro bro!!! Da beat be thumpin wit a Lil crunkin. Yo dawgs, yaw need to peep dis!!!


Toe Jam
This song got everybody in every club throwing they hands UP! HOT!!!!This song got H-Town WIRED UP!! 9/10 thanxx
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Mississippi's Finest
This is a solid track.... I thought it was Joc on the track, but it was just a sample. Still I like the way the sample is used and the beat is tight. Everyone flows solidly along this track.


DJ enCore

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AY man, just thought that u would like to know that Hot z 95 KZFM down here in Corpus played this track on the 5'O Clock traffic jam today. Congrats man, alot more folks down here are about to be requesting that song alot more. I know Wonderus did a show down here just recently with 102.9 KNDA, and "Who I Am" is steady in rotation on 102.9.