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Toestah - Make The Beat Go (Prod. By Jay Esco)


Music on, world off.
This is from my boy Toestah! (performed at HIN LA recently)
I've been playing this on Newbirth Radio
& it's been getting hella requested during my show.

I don't think this qualifies as R&B, more in the hip-hop category,
but whatever :p. I'm usually posting in the R&B section anyways.

Hella hot beat and vocals. As ChiChi would say, this makes me wanna get "groovy". LOL

ANYWAYS, DOWNLOAD it, leave feedback please. :)

If you're feeling this, check him out on Myspace!


Musik Lover
Wowzers! This is hot stuff right here! The beat is a complete banger! I def need to find more stuff from this guy Jay Esco... You got anymore from him?


...The DJ...
Yeah it has a real nice beat... But I don't think I'll see some ladies doing the holla hoop in the club! 7/10


yahhh britt, you've been playing the song up the ying yang! :)
all good though... i needed some songs for my friend to bump to in his ride.. perfect song! thanks!