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Unreleased U.G.K.


High Til I Die
Where my UGK/Pimp C fans at? Anyways I figured it'd be cool to start a topic on Unreleased. Does anyone have any? Haha. I'll name off some tracks that I know exist. I mean these are actual songs sitting in The Pimp C Vault.
Here's 10 tracks we may NEVER hear.....

- Three 6 Mafia - Break 'Em Off 2002 (ft. UGK)
- Goodie Mob - Dirty South (Remix) (ft. UGK)
- UGK - Bobby & Whitney (OG Version) (w/ Bun B instead of 8Ball/MJG)
- UGK - Gravy (Early Mix) (Snippet on Underground Kingz DVD)
- Pimp C - U Ain't Pac (ft. Pastor Troy) (Master P Diss)
- Pimp C - Do Yo Shit (ft. Mannie Fresh & Lil Phat)
- Pimp C - Don’t Look Any Futher (ft. Too $hort)
- Pimp C - Friends (OG Version) (2 verses w/ hook over "Dr. Dre - The Message")
- Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Remix) (ft. Pimp C) (disses Jeezy haha)
- UGK - Supertight (ft. DJ DMD) (NOT on Supertight album!)