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Using Crooklyn Clan Transitions with teen crowd


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i've done a couple of teen parties (sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc) but i havent used transitions in my sets with this age group. I have a party coming up for the 13yr old crowd and i'm thinking about using a transition or two, i'm just wondering if this is something i should save for the older age groups. thoughts?


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It depends, most kids at this age are so used to hearing the original track that anything different just doesn't sound right. I've done party's where I tried playing a transition and a few kids came up to me and asked if I have the real version (lol).

My suggestion is feel it out, play a light one, see how they react and you than you will have your answer...


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My honest opinion is use it, just don't play something that's remixed over rated. I've been mixing with transitions,remixes, blends,etc and people get shock and amazed of what i'm doing. I try to mix all remix music, don't like mixing simple, it's just not me. But i try to stick with up-beat remixed styles, but not like hardcore remixes lol unless that's at a club/etc.

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Well this original thread is years old but..

Yeah...I did some sweet 16 party one time and used a lot of remixes (different beat, slow->uptempo remix...or new verses) and they wanted all the originals because that's what they know...

they aren't really impressed by transitions as much as older [drunk] crowd...they want to hear what they already know to sing along and the WHOLE song......you can do a few if you want to but probably your best bet is to keep the songs original, mainstream
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