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What are your thoughts/opinions on Joan & O'neill?

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
hey what up peeps. just wanted to start a little discussion.

over the past couple of weeks i've been grabbing tracks from Joan & O'neill and honestly i think this duo can be a stable force in the mainstream reggaeton market. both dudes got good flow and they have a knack for creating good reggaeton club bangers. i spin their tracks weekly at the club and people have given me a great response to their tracks....is this duo on the rise? are they signed with a major record label?

ps. sorry for my lack of knowledge :D


Mr.Fuck U Pay Me
Dude they've been around for a long time. They've had some good tracks but never really built on it for a strong album.

La OrGuLLoSa

New member
I think they have potential but never do much with it... like a # of their recent songs are cool but nothing "WOW!". I love La Matadora ft. OG/Master tho...second favorite would be Luz Apaga [but the lyrics are weak]. Also O'neill has like a mix song called "Vamo A Bellakear which is hot.

DJ Master O

I like them.. they got good flow..Most of their latest tracks I like..My favorites are Perriando, Nadie nos ve, Flaquaste, suenos mojados and Bellaqueo de la noche (at first I didn't like this song but it grew on me)