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What Is Gucci Mane Up To?????????????

DJ Twyst



Ya know the Lady
I don't blame him, what is big cat records actually doing, nothing really, the independent thang ain't really working for them, and RaSheeda should of never said with Big Cat.


GFX Master
naw, he is wit big cat, for ever.....you must not kno the music game..

listen to gucci mane firsts album..you tell me if this is really gucii mane..this isnt gucci mane.


Ya know the Lady
well, from what he sayin' he not messin' with them it don't really make about his contract or nothing, he not messin' wit big cat, and that don't mean he gotta do some work for them, and that is gucci mane in that song, and how many years ago them songs on his first album were done, haven't you heard of people changin' of their style everybody ain't got a rap the same in each song for it to be them, and I know the music game.


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i think that is him....just in another studio, prolly a small studio...they prolly did a quick song...not a real mix down....but the song is wack neway ya look at it...gets annoying after the first 4 bars


aka DJ Boss-Cee
Gucci Mane = idiot. LOL!!! The song is awful as hell and corny. If you gonna diss, come better than that. "See you're the type of guy..." ROTFL!!! So awful.


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Am I the only one who think this shit sucks? I shook them hatas off 16 times for the hook? WTF?!


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Gucci is still on Big Cat -- His new album drops October 10th and it includes the new single MY CHAIN.