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Who uses 1 player to mix with???


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* i posted this on the equipment section..but think it a dj talk topic...

Sup peeps..jus wndering for a year now..ive only used 1 turntable with serato to mix with...an have saved heaps of time...an can do the exact same trics as if using 2 tables..

The thing is when doin private gigs..all i take is 1 table,mixer,,laptop an its on!!!!!..thats it!!!..cut dwn d set up by half...ive gttn used to using jus 1..evn in d clubs wea theas 2 tables...i still use 1..1 needle..1 vinyle..etc...an trust me u can do d same ish as if had to tables...

So anybody else do this??

In nz they do it hard!!! But hw abt d rest of d world??

Holla at yah boi!!


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what if sumthin go wrong with your ONE and ONLY table?? lol. then u fucked "HARD". lol. interesting but, nothing i'd do on purpose.


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I find myself doing both.... using just one... and sometimes both...
it's good pratice to use just one.. on your weak side>..
(if you're lefty... use the right side.. and if you're righty,.. use the left..)
it's good concentration practice....

But for moble gigs... I just take one.... it's less to carry!... lolol
Club gigs (since the equipment is stationary... I'll use both)


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If you bring it back and chop (rhythmically) I don't see how you can do it with one unless you are damned fast. If you just bang out the hits (baby scratching in, etc.) then I can see it happening. But like Red said, you gotta have a backup plan.

One time one of my 800's stopped working at the club and I had to use instant doubles the whole night. It worked, but it's nothing I would depend on. Just in emergency situations.


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i was actually thinking about doing that cuz i been having needle issues lately and had to do with one turntable so im thinking of selling them and just getting a cdj cuz im sick of needles


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i guess that will b d only dwnfall..if d one table fails.lol!!..but hey dnt u all have a back up player..my one is vdj(can mix internally)...ive never ever had 2 use it..man ive never had my tables fail on me ever...but hmmm u never know it could..evn if well serviced an checkd b4 hand..

but hey so far its all good 4 me...

saves me on have 2 needles playin in d same time..meaning u can have d 2nd needle as ur backup..instead of havng 4..

yeah u can chop an bring back using 1..u gtta jus use short cut keys in between..but u gtta b quick..if u use 1 like i have 4 ages..u get use to it.

at hme i jam the 2 tables.but out an abt ..its the power of 1!! lol!!

kool was jus wndring if ne1 else uses jus one by preference..

cos it seems like we d only ones in d world goin hard with 1...lol!!
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wot u mean by 8 players????..
I know DJs who use like 4-6 CDJs at once and/or 2-4 turntables. If he talkin bout using 8 players, that's just bananas. I could see working with two turntables and two cdjs though. that'd be pretty dope.

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the new serato has 6 virtual decks too that can be used!! as well as the two normal decks


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Is that the sl 3??? Damn!! Still cant see the point in 6 or more players n one go??,,guess its all personal preference yeah??